What is the Hotels.com Registry & Wishlist?

It’s the gift of travel!

The Hotels.com Registry & Wishlist is a new way to get the gift you want the most for any occasion—the gift of travel! Create a registry for your honeymoon or babymoon. Create a wishlist for your college graduation, milestone birthday or anniversary, or for holiday gifts. Get creative and create a list for any special occasion. Add one or more destinations to your list, and share it with family and friends. They can contribute to the items on your registry or wishlist as much and as often as they like.

Multiple people can contribute funds toward a destination on your list. In the end, you will receive a Hotels.com eGift Card(s) that can be used to book your hotel stay(s) at Hotels.com. There are no fees and the eGift Cards never expire.

Creating a Registry or Wishlist

Are there any fees associated with a Hotels.com Registry & Wishlist?

There are absolutely NO FEES for you or for your guests who contribute to the gift.

Can people find my registry or wishlist if I don’t tell them about it?

If you set your registry or wishlist to “Public,” people can search for your registry or wishlist on the Hotels.com Registry & Wishlist page. They will find it by searching your first and last name or your co-registrant’s first and last name.

How do I tell people about my Registry or Wishlist?

After you create your registry or wishlist, you will have the opportunity to share the entire list or a specific item with family and friends. The options for sharing include email, text message, a Facebook post or a Twitter post.

Is there a limit to the number of people I can share my list with?

No, share away!

How will I know when I get gifts?

You will be notified by email each time someone contributes to a gift on your registry. You can also view the “Gifters” section of your registry at any time to see all the contributions, eGreeting cards, notes, photos and videos that were sent with the gifts.

When can I claim and redeem my Hotels.com gift cards?

At any time you choose, you can claim the associated gift card by logging into your registry or wishlist. If contributions exceed $2,000, you will receive and claim more than one gift card. We recommend you wait until the specified gift delivery date, or until the contributions to a gift meet the goal, to maximize the opportunity for contributions to come in.

I’ve received more than one gift card since my contributions were over $2,000, what now?

That’s great you had so many contributions! However, due to US FinCEN laws, you may only redeem up to $2000 per 24-hour period using a gift card. Therefore, you will have to make two separate booking transactions. If the combined value of your multiple gift cards is below $2,000, you can combine them into one card here: http://www.hotels.com/deals/gcbalance

Will I have the opportunity to say thank you?

Absolutely. You will be able to send an individual email to each person that contributed to your gift.

How can I check the balance of my Hotels.com eGift Card?

To check the balance of your Hotels.com eGift Card, follow this link. http://www.hotels.com/deals/gcbalance/

When is it too late to contribute to a gift?

Registry and wishlist items can no longer be contributed to after they have been claimed by the recipient or after the “Gift Delivery Date.” If you attempt to contribute to an item that has already been claimed, you will see that contributions are no longer possible.

Who has the ability to see contribution amounts?

Only the recipient of a gift can see the individual contribution amounts.

What happens if the contributions fall short of the gift goal?

This is not a problem! If contributions fall short, the registry owner will receive a Hotels.com eGift Card for the total amount collected.

Contributing to a Gift on a Registry or Wishlist

Who can contribute to a gift?

Anyone can contribute to a gift by searching for a registry or wishlist on the Hotels.com registry page (if it is public), or by following the link shared with you by email, text message, Facebook or Twitter.

Can I generate a personalized message to accompany my gift?

Yes! Each time you make a contribution to an item, you can choose an animated eGreeting card and add your personalized message with photo or video greeting (optional). You can make your message(s) private for the recipient only, or available for all gift participants to see.

Who will see the amount I contribute?

Only the gift recipient will see the amount of each contribution.

What happens if the contributions don’t reach the gift goal?

This is not a problem! If contributions fall short, the registry owner will receive a Hotels.com eGift Card for the total amount collected.

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